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Green Dingo Workshops

As an artist, the only thing I enjoy more than making beautiful things is showing others how to make beautiful things. If you have an event or a learning space and are looking for classes to be taught, you’ve come to the right place! I offer a number of workshops throughout the year, mostly in conjunction with shows and conventions, but also for small groups looking for a fun bonding experience. I gear my classes towards beginner accessibility, teaching projects and techniques that yield stunning results for first-timers and experienced makers alike. After years of teaching i firmly believe that everyone has a creative spark; these classes are designed to encourage that spark

If you are interested in any of these, contact me and we can make arrangements


Learn the basics of this ancient Japanese braiding technique. Students will use a kumihimo disc (a modern foam version of the traditional marudai)  to create eight-strand cords in a variety of patterns. This fast and fun technique is a sure winner.  There are several variants on the workshop organized from basic to more advanced - but have no fear, no prior experience is required for any of these! I have taught these classes for several years to all skill levels, and everyone leaves with a beautiful finished piece. You will be amazed at what you can do!

All workshops include supplies needed to create the project, including a foam kumihimo disk that is yours to keep. Additional materials for future projects may be purchased separately if you want to keep going! 

Typical Class Size: 5-12 students

Ages: 12+

Fiber Arts

Since time immemorial, humans have been taking plant and animal fiber and making it into things. These workshops explore the tools and materials involved with doing just that. I will bring fiber, tools, and all the trappings and teach about this mesmerizing topic

Typical Class Size: 5-10 students

Ages: 12+

Metal Clay

Experience the intersection of art, magic and science with Precious Metal Clay. We will start off with the science of how this technological alchemy works, and then create! With the materials supplied, students can create pendants, buttons, or earrings. Its up to you! 

At the end of class session, you will have dry clay pieces ready for the kiln.

Typical Class Size: 3-8 students

Ages: 10+

Drawing and Rendering