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Gypsy Bangle Bracelet

Create a collection of gypsy-inspired bangle bracelets. We will make these fiber wrapped bangles from a variety of fibers & wire and then adorn with beads & charms!

Gypsy Bangle Bracelet


Gypsy Bangles are fixed-size bracelets designed to fit over the hand without bending,  and then worn  loosely on the wrist. These gypsy bangles are fiber-wrapped and then adorned with beads and charms. This intimidating-looking project will deliver eye-catching results at any skill level. 

Class Description:

Students will learn the basics of fiber-wrapping and wire-wrapping. These two techniques will be used in conjunction to create a trio of Gypsy Bangle Bracelets. Students will complete all bracelets during the workshop and will leave with finished pieces.

Materials: All materials are provided. Students may bring additional materials (fibers, yarns, beads, charms) though this is not required. 

Class Size: 3-8 students

Experience Required: None

Typical Workshop Duration: 2 hours for 3 bracelets

Sample Bracelets:


Student Work

Below are examples produced by students during Green Dingo workshops.