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About the Artists



Heather Bussell

artistic problem solver / design guru

Heather Bussell is an artist and designer living in Indianapolis, Indiana. She holds degrees in fine art from University of Indianapolis and Interior Design from IUPUI. She was an instructor at the Art Institute of Indianapolis for 7 years, and currently works as a designer at an indianapolis area firm. 

As the daughter of a quilter and a radio engineer, Heather grew up sewing and repairing electronics with her parents. This entwining of art and technology formed the basis for her rather eccentric artistic sensibility - Heather is happy to geek out on electrical substation design, spinning techniques, engine parts or art history. Heather draws inspiration from the interplay of traditional, handmade items and modern engineered materials. Her work is about creating a dialogue between very different materials, weaving contrasting elements together to form a unified whole.

She is assisted in her studio by her husband, daughter and two helper cats. She also has a dog who seldom helps. 


Chad Bussell

artist / assistant / person who moves things

Chad is a talented artist who spends most of his artistic energy assembling models for miniature wargames he may never play. He holds a bachelors degree in Theatre from University of Indianapolis with minors in Art and Philosophy so it follows naturally he has made a career working in Customs brokerage and international logistics. 

Chad loves to talk about anything that interests him, and nearly everything interests him. But he is never as happy as he is when gets to talk about his wife and how amazing she is because she is the most interesting thing he has ever encountered.