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Metal Clay Class Format

PMC classes come in several formats

Option 1: Make-N-Mail

Option 2: Multi-Day Workshop

Option 3: The Marathon

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 Metal Clay Workshop Options

Because metal clay is a 3-part construction process, and the middle part requires an extended firing time in a 1600 degree kiln, it does take a little bit of time to go from clay to finished piece. With this in mind we have 3 variants on the workshop process that can fit into any event or classroom format.

Option 1: Make-N-Mail - The standard format for a workshop like this. The class meets, creates the artwork, and then disbands. We take the materials back to our home studio, fire them, and then mail them to class participants. This option either skips the finishing workshop, or gives Heather the option to finish as she sees fit.

Option 2: Multi-Day Workshop - perfect for retreats, conferences, conventions and events with large groups. The Make workshop will happen the first day. The pieces will be fired overnight, and then the class will reconvene a second day for a Finishing workshop.

Option 3: The Marathon - great for other extended social events, the first option takes the class from start to finish - including firing - in a single day. The class will meet early in the day for a Make Workshop, take a 3-5 hour break while the necklaces fire, and finally come back for the Finish workshop later that same day. (Silver clay only)