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Silver Metal Clay

For this workshop we will use PMC3 silver clay to sculpt your very own creation. When we fire the piece in our kiln it will transform into 99.9% pure silver - the results are always amazing!

Experience Required: None

Class Duration - 2 hours

Silver Metal Clay Workshops

Make your very own fine silver jewelry by harnessing the power of SCIENCE!

Precious Metal Clay is an amazing material that works like clay, but in the heat of a kiln transforms pure metal. This workshops utilizes silver clay, which is the easiest of the Metal Clays to work with and the most forgiving. All materials, including metal clay, sculpting tools, texturing tools, and finishing supplies are provided. Firing service is also included in workshop cost. 

There are three parts to the creation of a PMC piece, and because of this there are several ways the workshop can be ran. 

The PMC process begins with a brief class that explains the science behind this amazing material, and the techniques that we will employ in sculpting the pieces. Students will then plan and create the pieces. Once opened Precious Metal Clay has approximately 1-2 hours of work time. Students are normally able to generate:

  • 1 large piece (2" diameter)

  • 1 medium piece and 1 pair earrings

  • 3-5 small pieces

Class Size: 3-8 students

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Experience Required: None

Workshop Duration: 2.5 hours