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Fiber Exploration

Learn to tell Alpaca from Merino with this hands-on interactive tour through the tools and materials used in the fiber arts world. Students will get to sample many different materials, learn about their unique characteristics , and experience them first-hand

Experience Required: None

Typical Class Duration - 2-3 hours

 Fiber Exploration

I talk a lot about fibers and preparation methods in other workshops, but it in this one is a hands-on seminar where the focus is on pure education. I will provide samples of various fibers including differences in breeds of sheep's wool, mohair, silk, and various exotic and odd materials. We will talk about their properties, what makes them work, and you will put together your own personal sample journal with all the neat things. A bit science class, a bit art class, all fun.

Typical class size: 5-10

Experience Needed: None

Suggested Age: 13+

Tools and Materials: Provided