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Whirlwind of Fall Makertivity

Whew, this weekend has been a whirlwind. We are finishing up a whole bunch of new pieces for this seasons Christmas shows, kicking off with Deja Vu next weekend in Columbus, IN at The Commons. This show is always an absolutely wonderful collection of amazing artwork and artisan products, featuring recycled and repurposed materials. Downtown Columbus is a great destination too, especially if you have young 'ens in tow. So if you didn't have a roadtrip assignment for Nov 12th, you do now! 

For Deja Vu, we are projecting to have a second batch of Skullhead characters out of the kiln, as well as between 20-30 new Milagros necklaces. This is a bit of a feat to get these all put together, but we should be able to do it with a little help from our friends. 



Heather BussellComment