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Kumihimo Finishing at GenCon

Wow that was an exciting first day at GenCon! Thursday was front-loaded with the advanced Kumihimo workshops - Dragon Scale and Sylvan Leaf. Everyone did a wonderful job, but no one actually got finished in the two-hour time slot we had. So here is what we are going to do, because I want you to wear these home. 

  1. Keep going on the beading until you get the length you want 
  2. Supplies are in your kits for finishing, and the instructions we went over in class are posted in the Open Crafting room along with some superglue. 
  3. Anyone not brave enough to finish on your own may come to the Saturday PMC finishing workshop (2pm to 4pm, ICC205 #3, SPA1688145)  and we can quickly put the endcaps on the kumihimo and finish it up. 

If this works, then this is probably how we will handle the advanced Kumihimo workshops next year.