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Homepage for Green Dingo Designs events at GenCon 2019

GENCON 2019 - Indianapolis, Indiana

August 1st through 4th, 2019

Experience the 52nd year of the best four days in gaming... and make something cool...

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“It doesn't stop being magic just because you know how it works.”

―Terry Pratchett, The Wee Free Men

Green Dingo is proud to offer  events as part of the SPA series at GenCon. We are running 14 events this year, the most we have ever done in 3 days! We are sure to have something that may interest you whether you  are looking to level up cosplay skills, encounter new things, or need a break from, gaming. Challenge yourself to learn something new, and experience the magic for yourself.  

Many of our events provide you with tools to keep, so that you can continue making new projects long after the dice are put away!    

Try something new!

All events are suitable for beginners, no matter how intimidating the project looks. Don’t be scared! We will guide you and teach you - we have taught classes for several years and get amazing results from all skill levels!

Finishing your piece

To keep your costs down and allow more time for gaming, most our GenCon sessions run 2 hours each. We’ve tailored most of our projects to complete in this time; but things happen and this may not be enough time for everyone to complete their project. If you can't get it wrapped up in the session, we will leave finishing supplies in the GenCon Open Crafting room, or you can come to the PMC Finishing Workshop on Saturday to complete your pieces (even if you did not attend the PMC Class). 

This year we have expanded our popular Dragon Scale Kumihimo class to 3 hours; this means just about everyone should be able to finish in time!

Sold Out Event Policy

Here’s the deal with SOLD OUT events. The way this works is we tell GenCon how many folks we think we can handle, and then they find us space that holds at least that many people. When a workshop sells out, that means all the available slots have been claimed. It doesn’t mean there are no more chairs in the space, or that we are out of supplies.

you want try to take a sold-out class, the two things that determine whether we can seat you are space and supplies. Generally SPA events at GenCon will have enough chairs to accommodate a few more; we have never had that be a problem (though it has been close!) and so the deciding factor is whether we have supplies.

Obviously if a ticketholder drops the workshop or no-shows then that frees up supplies, but people who buy tickets to our workshops tend to show up for the workshops. Folks may decide to skip a D&D dungeon crawl but they tend to be pretty serious about their kumihimo.

If you are interested in attending a sold out event, please email Heather at to let her know you are interested in attending a sold-out workshop. You will need to bring generic tickets for the event. Generics are for pre-order and also on-site at the show.

On the day of the event, please make sure to show up a few minutes early so we can account for you.


GENCON 2019 Events

gencon Student Work Gallery

Want to see what these are all about? Here are photos of some of the wonderful pieces gamers made during Gencons past. If you were in my classes and want to post a pic of your work or better yet a selfie wearing your item, post it on facebook  or twitter  and we will pull it over to the website.