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Gencon is right around the corner

Wow what a year for GenCon! Tickets all but sold out, They Might Be Giants playing an arena show to a convention full of my fellow beautiful nerds - this is going to be quite a show! 

Where we stand on the Green Dingo front - 

  • All supplies for classes are in (weeks ahead of schedule, we are on it this year!) 
  • Fiber batts are made up for drop spindle classes
  • Drop Spindles are mostly made up - Chad will have to crank out just a few more but we are in great shape. 
  • Kits will be put together this week - thats awesome as normally we are doing this the day before the con! 

As far as classes go:

  • Precon sales have been great, and all classes have plenty of attendees registered, so yay!
  • There are seats available for all my classes. Dragonscale and Elven kumihimo, as well as both PMC classes, are just about but not quite sold out. 
  • Running two sections of Drop Spindle this year, both have plenty of room left for neophyte spinners.
  • Kumihimo beaded necklace, my longest-running workshop, has several seats available.