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6 days until GenCon 2016...

Quick weekend update on Green Dingo classes at GenCon2016: 


  • Sylvan Leaf Kumihimo bracelet - 2 seats open
  • Silver Precious Metal Clay - 6 seats open
  • Dragon Scale Kumihimo bracelet- Sold Out


  • Beaded Kumihimo bracelet/necklace - Sold Out
  • Silver Precious Metal Clay - 6 seats open
  • Gypsy Bangle Bracelets - 7 seats open


  • Drop Spindle - Sold Out
  • Silver PMC finishing - open to both prior PMC sessions

Green Dingo Sold Out event policy:

If you can't get tickets to one of the classes, show up anyway. We may have someone drop at the last minute, or I may have enough extra supplies to accommodate one or two extra people. 

Gypsy Bangle Bracelets -  SPA1688139

Gypsy Bangle Bracelets - SPA1688139

Last, shout out to Dingofriend Andy Hopp, whose amazing book LOW LIFE: RE-DREDGED is up for an Ennie award for artwork. We're pulling for you!

If you want to check out the artwork, take a gander at the free preview on RPG now and then send him some clams because you should own this.  It is the single most delightfully weird role playing universe ever to burble up from the depths of human imagination.