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SHADOW OF THE MINI-BATT Pre-Con Adventure Contest

Our material prep is in full swing AT Green Dingo HQ for our SPA workshops. As part of the materials for some of the classes, I am hand-mixing mini-batts of a special #Gencon2016 fiber blend, designed to be easy to spin while delivering impressive color. 

This blend is called...drumroll please...

...wait for it...

...keep waiting...

...wait...what?  We forgot to give it a name ?

Guess that means its CONTEST TIME!!!!!!!

SHADOW OF THE MINI-BATT Pre-Con Adventure Contest

So here are the rules. Suggest a awesome (and usable) name for this years  show blend in comments by Monday, 7/18 8pm EST and win your choice of:

  • a 1.0oz mini-batt of this blend - or
  • handspun art yarn using this blend - or
  • a handcrafted necklace made with this blend

If I can't decide, we may go to a run-off round.